We providing end to end agriculture related solution from preparation of land to after crop harvesting solution


Android Application

Our Android app having features

  • Real time Crop Dieases detection
  • Real time Crop Stress monitoring
  • IoT Device Comparability
  • Map based API to request UAV for larger agriculture firms.
  • Online farming information portal
  • Real time location based weather information.
  • Real Time Crop market price prediction
  • Emergency services during time of disaster.
  • Map based near Nearby Crop Storage facility.
  • AI Based Chat-Bot
  • On request mobile soil test

Mobile Soil Test

Mobile soil test device provide door to door soil test service based on the request and we are providing printed receipt to the user. The device is having some features like

  • Soil NPK
  • Other Soil Nutrients
  • Crop Suggestion

Our key services

AI powered multi lang android application

Door to Door Soil test on request with printed result

On request UAV data for stress detection